This dictionary is under construction.
It serves as a testing playground for a future dictionary project.

A representative word is miis. For a map see cusbo.

Present number of entries: 3500

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There is also a 19 million token Somali corpus available at the Swedish Language Bank
as well as a 79 million token Somali corpus at the Project HaBiT.

How to use the dictionary

The sign * marks words pronounced with heavy vowels ("culus", often referred to as +ATR),
whereas the sign ° marks words pronounced with neutral vowels ("fudud" or -ATR).

Nouns are given in their indefinite as well as definite form.
Verbs are given in their masculine as well as feminine 3rd person singular simple present tense form.
Adjectives are given in their basic form as well as with the added past tense morpheme -aa (from ahaa was).
Any other morphological forms are labelled.

For further details, see the full Introduction to the dictionary.

The definitions given in Somali for a couple of words are citations from:
Puglielli & Mansuur (eds.). 2012. Qaamuuska af-Soomaaliga. Roma: Roma Tre Press.
Keenadiid. 1976. Qaamuuska af-Soomaaliga. Muqdisho: Akademiyaha Dhaqanka.

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